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Volleyball England Announces Key Updates and Initiatives

LONDON - Volleyball England is making waves with several significant announcements, emphasizing their dedication to the sport and its members.

MAAREE Partnership Boosts Women's Volleyball

A strategic partnership has been forged with award-winning sports bra brand MAAREE. The collaboration sees the upcoming 2023-24 top women's division renamed the MAAREE Women’s Super League. This partnership will offer female players specially designed sports bras, with MAAREE organizing fitting sessions on the Super League's opening weekend.

VolleyZone Enhancement and 1-1 Training

Clubs eager to harness the VolleyZone system's full potential can now book personalized tutorial sessions. These 15-minute online sessions will cater to clubs' specific needs, offering guidance on optimal system utilization. Charlie Ford, Volleyball England's CEO, highlighted the ongoing development of VolleyZone, emphasizing its increasing adoption across various counties and regions.

Emphasis on Safeguarding Juniors

Volleyball England has shared safeguarding FAQs, outlining essential measures to protect junior members. The guidelines suggest clubs retain member records for six years and recommend digital storage for easy accessibility. Additionally, clubs are advised to have a clear consent process for juniors, especially when participating in senior teams or when overnight stays and travel are involved.

Incorporating advancements in women's sport support, optimizing club systems, and ensuring junior safety, Volleyball England continues to lead the sport with a holistic approach.


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