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Covid-19 update

Text of email sent to all KCVA team secretaries and committee members today:

Note to all KCVA team secretaries and committee members


I have shared a variety of news items / messages from Volleyball England in relation to Covid-19 to the KCVA Facebook page and website. The South East is currently seeing the highest number of daily Covid-19 positive results of all the English regions with a 7-day rolling average of 8,414 (and peaking at over 10k a couple of days ago). London is the next highest with 5,554. Whilst these are pure numbers rather than pro-rated per head of population, it shows that our ‘corner’ of England is sitting at the top (by a considerable margin) of a very unwelcome table.

With this in mind it’s really important that we all continue to take extra care as we progressively spend more time indoors. This extra care extends to ensuring that we all continue to observe the Volleyball England Covid guidance and adhere to the Covid Addendum, for all volleyball activity. I’ve set out below the text of the email from Volleyball England, plus links to other articles on the VE website:

1. Text of the email from Volleyball England dated 10 November, which was sent to all affiliated clubs:

“Dear club secretaries,

For 2021/22 we introduced a set of measures for Volleyball England competitions to mitigate potential Covid-19 risks to participants. We also advise other volleyball competition organisers to follow these measures too, which are in addition to our usual rules and regulations.

This list of advisory, preferred and required measures are listed in our Covid Addendum, which was produced and released at the start of the season.

Thank you for everyone’s support so far. Observance of these measures is helping, as highlighted at an NVL match when a player tested positive afterwards.

A recent update to the Covid Addendum has been issued on the following points:

· It is the responsibility of both teams to provide sanitiser for themselves.

· Please ensure that wherever possible that doors and / or air vents are open to ensure a continual airflow through the facility as this helps reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

Please could you communicate this update to your team secretaries and players?

If you have any questions about Volleyball England competitions or the rules, please don’t hesitate to contact the Competitions Team via

Let’s make sure we continue to keep each other safe out there.”

2. VE Covid addendum

3. VE Covid Guidance

4. News article following a player testing positive after a recent VE Cup match

I will echo the closing comments in the email from VE – by following the Covid Guidance and VE Covid Addendum we can all play our part in doing all we can to keep each other as safe as we can, while we continue to enjoy the benefits of volleyball participation.

Thanks all.

Ian Ruddock

Secretary, Kent County Volleyball Association


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