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Invicta & Maidstone grab top spots at pilot KCVA Beach Junior GP!

On a warm and sunny day down at Invicta Beach Courts, KCVA hosted its first Junior Beach Volleyball Grand Prix series. With SEVA Girls training on the same day, the teams entered were invited from Kent Clubs, and mainly consisted of boys. In total, 7 teams battled it out throughout the day which consisted of 6 seeding games before the knock out competition started.

The tournament was eventually won by pre-tournament favourites Invicta Boys 1 against Invicta Boys 3; congratulations to Stuart, Jack, Shem & Sean for the first place win!

The game of the tournament was actually for 3rd place play-off, with Invicta Boys 2 winning 27-25 against Maidstone Boys 1.

Other than the volleyball, another highlight of the day was the way both clubs players represented themselves, both on court and off it. And a great day was had by all - players, spectators and organisers alike.

One of the Maidstone Boys 1 players summed it up pretty well, and said:

"Being able to experience the game at such a level gave me drive to push myself further and the ability to reach out to a wide community of people just like me in order to do that. The greatest part about this tournament was being able to connect with so many people who share my goals in volleyball." - Nathan Osborne, MVC.


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