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Latest Results & Tables at 5th April 2023

The latest league tables & results have just been published, based on scoresheets received up to yesterday (4th April) – see the tables & results tab.

As I commented in my previous update, it will be a close finish across all our divisions. I will leave you to work out the possible combinations and outcomes as we enter the final fixture round in a couple of weeks’ time.

Matches remaining:

Men’s Div 1

Team Medway v Oasis

Tonbridge v Team Medway

Men’s Div 2

Dartford-2 v Maidstone-Cobalt (played 2nd April but result not yet received)

Maidstone-Cobalt v Tonbridge-2

Dartford-3 v Maidstone-Rocks

Women’s Division

Dartford-W2 v Tonbridge (I believe the match has been played but the result has not yet been received)

Invicta-W v Dartford-W1

Tonbridge-W v Team Medway-W

Maidstone-Diamonds v Strood-W

No change to the Foundation League tables as there have not been any matches played since my last update.

It’s been a season with some notable high-scoring sets:

* Right at the start of the season Dartford-2 succumbed 27-29 in the first set, at home to Dartford-3 (D-3 went on to win in 3 sets – 27-25 in the 3rd set).

* But that was eclipsed in December with Maidstone-Cobalt slugging it out to a 3-1 win over Dartford-2 by 32-30 in the 4th set.

* Over the period from 2012-13, that was the 4th highest single set score and the joint highest total aggregate points for a 4-set match, at 199.

* Most recently, we saw Strood women run Invicta women very close in the 2nd set at Thinking Fitness, with both teams having multiple set points. Invicta prevailed 31-29. That was the joint 6th highest individual set score going back to 2012-13.

Keep those results coming in, please.


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